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Overview of CJK Services

Generating results drives the CJK Services' team.

Our services are intended to provide the information required to maximize the value your company derives from its MHE fleet. We create reports and track expenses that calculate the exact cost incurred by your company to operate its forklifts, allowing you to make informed decisions derived from real-world data. Regardless of your fleet size - one forklift or a fleet of thousands - CJK delivers the same uncompromising commitment to serving our clients. Our decades of industry experience are the foundation on which we have built our model for success.

CJK Services offers multiple services associated with forklift operations. The nucleus of our service is forklift repair, audit and analysis. This paves the way for more in-depth analysis, including repair occurrence and component failure rates. Comprehensive analysis often provides solutions that result in opportunity savings, which reduce or eliminate future downtime. Abuse is documented, and analysis of the types of abuse often results in solutions with immediate savings opportunities and cost avoidance.

Periodically, CJK Services provides consultation and site visits to corroborate information contained within our reports or to provide solutions for fleet reconfiguration during changes in business cycles.

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